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Costa Rica, where the favorite expression is "Pura Vida!" meaning the Pure Life. With the highest quality of life in Central America, perfect waves, perfect sunsets and perfect beaches Costa Rica seems like the pure life indeed.

Costa Rica is a country where it is easy to immerse yourself within its welcoming, friendly and delightful local population.

A country where it is easy to be a relaxed and content traveler!

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The kindness and the warmth of the Ticos (as the Costa Ricans prefer to call themselves) is only matched by the extraordinary wealth of its nature.Traveling to Costa Rica offers you the chance to play Indiana Jones in a real world of paradise! A paradise offering you at once :

  • Dreamybeaches and lofty summits
  • Dense jungle and lunar steppes
  • Sea-lifeworthy of the most beautiful aquariums and vast breathtaking forests
  • Inextricable mangrove swamps and two oceans offering impressive waves