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Welcome to Mexico!

From forests and deserts, fireworks and All Souls' Day, vibrant cities and pueblos, Mexico evokes numerouscontrasted pictures.

The capital, Mexico City, is already a world in itself and the rest of the country shines with its diversity :

  • Mayan and Aztec archeological sites
  • Colonial cities
  • Forests and canyons, Desert
  • White sand beaches and crystal sea
  • making this country an imperceptible and charming riddle.

    Pre-Colombian vestiges, colonial testimonies and indelible tracks of the Revolution: Mexico reveals to the visitor the episodes of its tempestuous past. However, the country of the former Mayas and Aztecs will not only seduce lovers of art, disappeared cities and Spanish architecture. As a link between both Americas, it is also a ground of dry deserts, volcanoes covered with snow, forests and numerous elegant sea resorts. Many are the ones who, every year, are drawn by its diversity.

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