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If the legendary image of this country, where the English life revolves around the post office, the pub and the presbytery, is still real and charming, the country is also totally invested in the XXI century.

England cultivates its attachment to the traditions and in the avant-gardism always so asserted.

Today, the country attracts as much attention for its green countryside as for its urban areaswhere creativity, culture and night-life beat with a hectic rhythm.

Manchester, Bristol or Brighton areworld references in todays musical industry

Whereas the reputation of London is well-established regarding big exhibitions and artistic dynamism.

And what about the heritage of this country?Starting with the graceful architecture of Canterbury Cathedral, or the soaring ramparts of Edinburgh Castle, also the emblematic and stunning Buckingham Palace, without forgeting the Tower of London where the crown jewels are kept.

Besides the beauty of the Highlands and Lochs of Scotland, the majesty of the landscape and sand dunes of whales the charming scenery of Kent or Sussex...

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